What is a Deep Cycle Battery?

A battery is generally a device that can store energy. A battery is commonly used to refer to an electrical storage vessel, meaning, it stores electricity for later use.

Batteries are categorized depending on what they are used for (application) and how they are built (construction). AGM, flooded and gelled are the common construction types while marine, automotive and deep cycle are the common application types.

Let’s focus on deep cycle batteries.

Deep cycle batteries typically last for four to eight years, and include boat house batteries, traction, back-up power and PV. Deep cycle batteries have thick lead plates that make the overall surface area lesser. Because of this, there is less chance for chemical reactions to take place and produce less current, but the current produced lasts for longer periods of time.

Industrial deep cycle batteries (traction, fork lift or stationary batteries) are used whenever there’s a need for power that lasts for a longer period of time. Since deep cycle batteries have thick lead plates, they are used in large solar electric systems.

While AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), automotive and gelled batteries use Lead Calcium plates, industrial deep cycle batteries use Lead Antimony plates. With the use of Lead Antimony plates, the self-discharge rate of batteries is high (1 percent a day for old batteries). The antimony on the plates actually increases water loss that’s why industrial batteries, especially those without hydrocaps, need to be checked for water level from time to time. The antimony not only increases gassing, but also the strength and life of the plate.

Some people use deep cycle batteries as a starting battery. However, an adjustment to the battery size should be made. Yes, it is safe to use deep cycle batteries as a starting battery, but if the size is not adjusted, it can’t get as much cranking amps as a regular starting battery can. It’s also good to note that it is more expensive.

Deep cycle batteries are mostly lead acid batteries that are designed to be discharged from 45 to 75 percent of its capacity, depending on the manufacturer and battery construction. Deep cycle batteries can be cycled down to as low as twenty percent of full charge but manufacturer-recommended cycle is between 45 to 75 percent to increase battery life.

The thickness of the plate is one of the factors that determine how many cycles the battery can do before it dies or loses its capacity. It is also attributed to a battery’s lifespan. The thicker the plate, the longer the battery life. There are of course, other factors that can affect the battery life including temperature, DOD (depth of discharge), and maintenance, among others.

Here are some rough estimates of battery life: (1) AGM deep cycle batteries last for 4 to 8 years, (2) Industrial deep cycle batteries last for 10 to 20 years, and (3) Gelled deep cycle batteries last for 2 to 5 years.

If properly maintained and cared for, deep cycle batteries that are used in renewable energy applications can yield several years of reliable performance.

When it comes to recycling, deep cycle batteries are recyclable. Most materials extracted from the batteries – lead plates and sulfuric acid, among others – are being used to produce new products.

Types of Planer and How to Use Them

Planers, such as jointers are the up-to-the-minute power tools, which have reserved the place of the manual wood plane. Rather than expend a sole blade, they use manifold blades, typically three which are attached on a drum and switched at high speed by a motor. This offers a much quicker and stress-free cutting action than a manual plane, rendering corded planers perfect for carpenters or other expert craftsmen.

Types of Planer

There are three elementary kinds of power planers on the market, with a fourth tool that comes into the group of being similar to a planer.

The Bench-Top Planers

There truly is no such thing as a free-standing planer; however bench-top planers can be attached on a stand and utilized as if they were free-standing. The bench-top planer often has a 12″ wide drum, letting it to be expended for all sized boards. Meanwhile standard lumber is not sold over 12 inches wide; a bench-top planer would be capable to be expended for all wood. Bench-top planers are often used in cabinet and furniture building.

The Corded Planers

Corded and cordless planers are commonly 3-1/2″ wide, though there are little models on the market. These are expended mainly by carpenters for amending the size of a door, beveling the rims of doors and trimming boards in finish carpentry. They are also utilized by certain hardwood floor installers, though it is much more general to use a floor sander.

The Cordless Planers

Meanwhile most uses that a carpenter has for a plane are for pruning wooden sheets or panels, a cordless planer is much more useful than having to join an extension cord for crafting one nick. Still, in roles, where tons of planing is necessary, like butcher block counter tops or hardwood floors, cordless planer is not convenient.

The Jointers

Jointers are not scientifically planers and we have not comprised them in this group; though they are alike in performance. However, the major use of jointers is for borders of boards, whereas planers are used for the outward. When amalgamating a sum of boards, together, like for producing a table top, the rims of the boards are often run through a jointer, to make certain that they are straight, even and level.

How to Use a Planer

  1. You must be certain that you pick a planer that sees to your needs for the sort of work that you imagine it to be utilizing it for.
  2. Keep in mind, these aren’t a jointer for the reason that the shoe isn’t lengthy enough for that, albeit certain people endeavor and consume their planer as if they are.
  3. If you are not tremendously watchful when using it, you can create a wavy edge on a board.
  4. However, all planers have great speed, they do not all operate at a similar speed, the higher the velocity the less the scalloping will be.
  5. Nonetheless, the better the promptness, the easier it is for the motor speed to be disturbed by load.
  6. The shoe necessities to be enormously flat and precisely parallel to the blades for an exact cut.
  7. The slanting fence is a requirement, if you are going to utilize the planer to chamfer or to create an angle on the border of a board.
  8. Depth alteration mechanism must be both stress-free to set and to confine in position, so that it doesn’t transform depth in the mid of a cut.
  9. Elevated speed steel blades will not live long, specifically if you expend the planer on any glued wood or engineered wood items.
  10. The more potent the motor, the less probability there is of the planer failing down when it goes into a solid spot.
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Preservation Guidelines for a Drill Press

Generally, bore press devices are fairly effortless with a chuck next to the end of a spindle, which holds a bore bit. Now allow it to shift upward and downward at the period of revolving. Alongside that being revealed, a lot of objects can arise out of the kilter then eventually, it will compromise the filter functioning and precision.
These gears consist of tricky matters with machine’s lifter in addition drive belt, chuck, and spindle beside the table and column. Nonetheless, to retain a bore press, you don’t want to do rather special. A couple of simple objects will help you to retain the bore press functioning in tip-top form. Thus, let’s take a glance at the care advices to have the finest bore press in highest form.
**Lubricate the Drill Clamp:**
In succession to retain the chuck’s jaws in flawless state, it is vital that you grease or oil them. You can use the Chuck-To on the jaws, plus as for bit centering, you can use a few drying oil into the chuck.

1. To begin with, [you must learn to twist the chuck’s case](http://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Wood-Lathe) and wait till the jaws are fully wide open then later, now blow away the inner region by a surge of condensed air.
2. It will wash the entire zone however, memorize that you need to attire spectacles to protect your eyes from fleeing dirt.
3. At this moment, you are too needed to apply certain oil inside the chuck.
4. And moreover, compressing and loosening the jaws for a couple of while would be decent as well.
5. Finally, just get rid of the remains within a spotless rag.
Stopping the Throb and Conserving the Belt Abrasion
1. [A drill press is an appliance that can produce too much vibration and noise pollution.](https://bestdrillpressguide.com/top-4-best-powermatic-drill-press-on-the-2015-market-reviews/)
2. Generally, a worn out belt or uneven pulleys is the cause for these vibrations, plus noises.
3. At this instant, you are required to disengage the drill press to inspect the belt as well as you can do this by removing the appliance’s top lid.
4. Furthermore, a visible check of the belt whilst shifting it by hand would be sufficient.
5. If you check some sort of flaws plus ply separations, immediately alter it without delay.
6. Upon the other hand, if the belt is operating appropriately, just inspect if the strain is in respectable or not.
7. In addition, for deflecting belt marginally around [1/4-inch to 3/8-inch](https://bestdrillpressguide.com/best-small-drill-press-in-2015/), force the central unit amongst the pulleys.
8. If it is excessively tight or loose, changing the pressure would be adequate. You would be able to fix this by obeying the owner’s instruction manual.
9. Moreover, the top lid remaining still off, you must attire a face protector and plug in the bore press.
10. Later, launch the motor on its extreme pace.
11. Though, you must look at the belt plus pulleys cautiously.
12. Together of them must not produce a vast sum of noise besides as usual, they are required to function effortlessly.
13. In case of too much fluctuation and periodic tremor; recheck the belt tension also if required, change the total tension over.
14. Moreover, inspect the rim of both pulleys before they will rotate.
15. If you find out any sort of trembling, immediately turn off the drill press, plus eventually, disconnect it.
16. Moreover, ensure that the setscrews are close-fitted as they provide safety to the pulleys.
17. And above, make additional concrete enquiry to inspect the rims on both pulleys.
18. Change them fittingly if you come across any kind of difficulty.
19. To conclude, if you find some sort of booms or rumbles as of the pulleys, the bearings are damaged or filthy.
20. If that occurs, you immediately must vary them at the same time asking an appliance expert.

The Ins and Outs of a Battery

![Battery](http://www.fwb2k.org/content/images/2016/03/facts-about-battery.jpg)A battery could be any mechanism that stocks energy for future use. The term battery is restricted to an electrochemical machine that transforms chemical energy into electrical energy, through usage of a galvanic unit. A galvanic unit is a moderately trouble-free apparatus comprising of two conductors, an anode and a cathode, plus an electrolyte emulsion. Batteries comprise of one or additional galvanic units.

**A Few Facts about Batteries**

* A battery is an electrical storing machine.
Batteries do not create electricity, they stock it.
* When chemicals in the battery transform, electrical power gets deposited or discharged.
Within rechargeable batteries this course can be reiterated several times.
* Batteries don’t remain 100% proficient as some energy gets lost by way of chemical and heat effects, while charging in addition to discharging.
* If you consume 1000 watts as of a battery, it could acquire 1200 watts or extra to wholly recharge it.
* Sluggish charging and discharging degrees are more effective.

**Sulfation of Batteries**

Sulfation is the development or accumulation of lead sulfate on the exterior and in the holes of the functional matter of the batteries’ lead sheets. In case the sulfation turns out to be extreme and establishes huge crystals on the sheets, the battery would not work capably or might not function at all. Usual reasons of battery sulfation are staying an extensive time in a discharged state, working at extreme temperatures, and lengthy low or above charging.

**Major Sorts of [Lead Acid Batteries](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead–acid_battery)**

Batteries are distributed in double ways, by use and manufacture. The chief uses are locomotive, [deep-cycle](http://batterycharts.com/best-deep-cycle-battery/), and nautical. Deep-cycle contains solar power-driven, i.e. PV, standby power, and [RV](http://batterycharts.com/best-golf-cart-batteries/), plus [boat-house batteries](https://batterycharts.com/best-trolling-motor-battery/).

* The main production kinds are flood batteries or wet batteries, gel batteries, and AGM, Absorbed Glass Mat batteries.
* AGM batteries are moreover at times entitled starved electrolyte or else dry, since the fiberglass pad is merely 95% flooded with Sulfuric acid, besides there is no extra fluid.
* Flooded might be regular, with detachable covers, or the supposed preservation free, that entails they are intended to expire a week past the guarantee comes to an end.
* All gel batteries are fastened and a limited are valve controlled, which measures that a small valve has a minor positive force.
* Almost all AGM batteries remain sealed valve controlled, frequently described as VRLA, i.e. Valve Regulated Lead-Acid. Maximum valve controlled are beneath some compression, about- 1 to 4 psi by sea-level.

**Lifespan of a Battery**
The lifetime of a battery could differ significantly by just how it is expended, in what way it is charged and preserved, temperature, besides additional aspects.

**Connecting a Battery in Sequence**

The positive terminus of the leading battery is clipped to the negative terminus of the next battery; the positive terminus of this second battery is joined to the negative of the third battery, and so on. The current of the amassed battery is the calculation of the battery powers of the single batteries. So, the batteries are joined, + to – to + to – to + to -, and further. The power of the battery stays unaffected.


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How To Use Tulsi For A Healthier You

Tulsi or Holy Basil, has been named as one of the must have plants for an Indian home. This plant has been part of the Indian household for hundreds of years and has every reason to be there.From strengthening immunity, fighting bacterial & viral infections to combating and treating various hair and skin disorders – just a few leaves of Tulsi when used regularly can help resolve a host of health and lifestyle related issues.
Here Are Some Ways To Incorporate Tulsi Into Your Daily Routine:
1 . Kick start your day by adding 2 teaspoons of Tulsi juice and 1 teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm water.Have this daily to boost your overall health and immunity. Or else add Tulsi leaves to your morning chai and start the day on a healthy note.
2 . Tulsi acts as a blood purifier by flushing out toxins from the blood. Chew 10-12 Tulsi leaves every day.The blood purifying properties will keep your skin healthy and blemish free.
3 . You can also add Tulsi leaves to your bath water every day to sooth itchy skin, dry skin, rash and fungal infections.
4 . Tulsi is a decongestant, an expectorant and relieves cough. It helps in fighting cold, cough, flu, and fever. Boil 15 leaves of tulsi with 500 ml water and a pinch of cardamom powder, add some honey and keep sipping this mixture throughout the day for relief.
5 . For persistent cough, take 2 tablespoons of honey, ½ teaspoon of Tulsi juice, ½ teaspoon of ginger juice, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Mix these together and use for immediate relief. It may not taste great, but soothes the itchiness of the throat.
6 . To get rid of pimples instantly mix Tulsi powder with a dab of concealer, to hide pimples. The mixture will not only cover the pimple, but also heal it, reduce the redness and swelling.
7 . Tulsi can help you to quit smoking. Chew 15-20 Tulsi leaves when the urge to smoke arises. The stress busting properties of Tulsi help in curbing the urge to smoke. Also, the anti-oxidants in Tulsi help reverse the damage of smoking. The minty flavour removes the smell of nicotine and tar from the mouth.

How To Be Sure God Listens To Your Prayers

![We Must Belong to God.](http://i.imgur.com/zF0ufBy.png)
We Must Belong to God.
“There is one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus” (1Timothy 2:5). Because Jesus is the mediator between us and God, we must give Him our total allegiance.
Before I yielded the control of my life to Jesus Christ, I would pray, but I was never sure if God was listening or would answer. After I asked Him to be the Lord of my life, I had confidence that God was hearing and answering my prayers.
We Must Pray to God the Father in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ.
Only the name of Jesus Christ gives us credibility with the Father — not our education, our wealth or poverty, our church, our background or our position — only Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it” (John 14:14).
Sometimes I use my husband’s name, or my church, or my work to gain credibility with people I meet. But only Jesus’ name gives us credibility with the Father.
We Must have a Clean Heart.
Psalm 66:18 says, “If I had known of any sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened to me.”
It is very important to keep a clean heart before God. Someone said, “I ‘fess them as I does them, I don’t bunch them.” Don’t wait until you go to church or a crisis arises in your life to confess your sins to God. As soon as you become aware of an attitude or action that is displeasing to God, admit that it is wrong and thank God for His forgiveness. 1 John 1:9 tells us that if we confess our sins, God is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
We Must have a Forgiving Spirit.
In Mark 11:25, Jesus says, “Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven my forgive your transgressions.”
Jesus makes it very clear that we can’t carry anger, hatred, or bitterness in our hearts toward anyone if we expect God to forgive us and/or hear our prayers.
We must Pray in Faith.
Jesus said in Matthew 21:22, “And everything you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.”
The very fact that you are asking God for your needs demonstrates your faith.
There are many times when God has answered my prayer as soon as I prayed. Other times I have had to wait for them to be answered. Some of the requests have been on my prayer list for years. I am still waiting, and I know that God will answer.
If you want to be sure God is listening to your prayers, consider if you have ever asked Jesus Christ into your life, you can do so right now by submitting to him with a simple but powerful prayer.
“Lord Jesus, I want you to listen and answer my prayers, I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and receive You as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be.” Amen.

The Core Health Program preface by Viko Suleiman Muliaga

![Viko Suleiman Muliaga](http://i.imgur.com/UDzlIGX.png)
The Core Health Program is a three-part ebook series that will guide you step-by-step, on how to install healthy habits that will allow you to reach an optimal level of living. The Core Health Program is a 15-step action plan, spread between 3 ebooks, that is cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and time-efficient. The first ebook is Foundations…. The second ebook is Central. The third ebook is Peak. This is not a fad diet. This is not a 9 week challenge. This is not a book of vague spiritual mantras. This is a easy-to-follow maintenance manual; you take care of your house, you take care of your car, we believe that it is only right that you take care of yourself. The logo consists of curved lines, straight lines, and patterns. They represent the 3 Spheres of Perception. The curved lines represent the Mental. Based on cognitive processes and the nervous system, it is the maintenance of our minds. The curved lines represent the Spiritual. Based on cellular regulation, and the endocrine system, it is the maintenance of our souls. Together, they guide the Physical. Based on the digestion process, and the musculoskeletal system, it is the maintenance of the body.

* This ebook is for the adult who did not have an active childhood.
* This ebook is for the parents who do not have time to exercise.
* This ebook is for the student who cannot afford a gym membership.
* This ebook is for those who want to get rid of anxiety.
* This ebook is for those who want to improve their calisthenics.
* This ebook is for those who want to eat healthier.
* This ebook is for those who want to achieve all of their dreams.
You can only reach your limitless potential in good health. Welcome, to the beginning of your life-changing journey. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu See More